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Start planning for spring Mon., Tues., Fri. 8:30-6:30; Wed., Thurs. 8:30-8:00; Sat. 9:30-4:00 Carpet Vinyl Home Decor Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry Hardwood Laminate Flooring Window Treatments Justice Furniture & Bedding Simply Amish Furniture Karastan Carpet Up To 12 Months Financing Available We have everything you need to make your house a dream home! Owners: Jim & Donna Narber 2627W. Highway 30 (308) 384-0640 www.floortoceilinggi.com Check us first for… www.theindependent.com The Grand Island Independent SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2018 6C HOME, LAWN & GARDEN Dreamstime With proper care and maintenance, you can expect your carpet to last up to 10 years or longer. By Josh Salmon For The Independent Aftera longwinter,many people turn their thoughts tospring,whichmay include home renovations and lawn care. With spring comesmore sunshine. And increasingly, the sun is beingusedbyboth businesses and homeown- ers to create electricity — and energy efficiency. Javier Claycombe of J-Tech Con- struction, which has offices inGrand IslandandLincoln, said solar power continues to gain favor. Solar is arguably the cleanest and most reliable form of renewable energy. “Technology is increas- ing, so by using these solar panels, consumers can save a lot of money on their heat- ing bills and energy bills by generating solar power to their home or business,” Claycombe saidat the recent 2018 York Home Show. Although solar panels can be used in homes, at presentmore are beingused for industrial purposes. “Right now it’s more of an industrial thing, where peo- ple are experimenting and making walls out of them.” he said. J-Techreports thatmany companies who purchase and use solar panels are re- porting a 72 percent reduc- tion in energy costs. Energy costs can be hard to pin- point, J-Technotes, butwith solar it’s easier to factor en- ergy in your budget. Besidesheat andelectric- ity, solar panels are perfect for sun rooms, Claycombe said. Solar energyhasmany uses—including nighttime and outdoor lighting, secu- rity purposes and heating water tanks. By going solar in your home, J-Tech said the aver- age American can save be- tween $15,000 and $20,000 in energy costs over a 15-year period. Claycombe said solar en- ergy is being usedmore and more in agriculture, too. Many farms alreadyharvest corn for ethanol and some are sites for wind turbines. According to theU.S. De- partment of Agriculture, nearly 10,000 farms across the country now use solar panels. Farmers “harvest” the sun to power barns, buildings and irrigation systems. Claycombe said J-Tech Constructionalsodoes “win- dows, siding, doors, fascias and roofs.” He said anothermore re- cent trend is metal siding for homes. “Metal siding is seam- less and comes in varieties of colors, styles and even shapes,”Claycombe said. He said metal siding makes sense in Nebraska because the state often gets hailed on and metal is more dura- ble than vinyl siding. “People take pride in their homes and are getting more creative, sowe cancus- tomize this siding tofit their needs and wants,” he said. With windows, Clay- combe said the sky’s the limit. The newest trend is tri- ple-pane windows, he said. It has an extra pane and is also more energy efficient. “When I am working withcustomers onwindows, they are looking for a few things, aesthetics, energy efficiency and security,” Claycombe said. High-tech sprinklers Homeowners are also go- ing high-tech with sprin- klers, said Keith Wasem, owner of Easy Lawn in Au- rora. He alsowas at theYork Home Show. Easy Lawn has two sep- arate businesses — lawn care, such as fertilizing and tree/shrub care, and sprin- klers.Wasemsaidsprinklers are much more technolo- gy-driven these days, more than most homeowners might think. He said two-wire sys- tems, which are relatively new, are run to a specific de- coder, which receives a spe- cific address code to turn on a valve or series or valves. “Most of these two-wire systems are being used in commercial use, such as apartment complexes and businesses, schools or ball fields,” Wasem said. “The oldwaysaw50pairsof wires going out.” Wasem said consumers can now run their yard’s sprinklers from their cell phones. Better yet, he added, a new sprinkler system is “capable of running itself based on impending weather.” They are called “smart systems” and are catching on in the sprinkler world. Wasem said these sys- tems can be interfacedwith onsite weather devices to turn themselves on or off according to weather con- ditions. “It will help make your irrigation more effi- cient,” he said. Evapo-transformation, is another aspect of smart sprinkler systems. “Evapo-transformation is the rate in which using the availablemoisture in the soil to anticipate howmuch water will be needed, and when next irrigation will take place,” Wasem said. Easy Lawn’s yard care business is owned by Scott Goertzen. He said a new problem that homeowners and landowners are encoun- tering is the emerald ash borer. The insects have been wreakinghavoc onash trees throughout the country and even locally in Nebraska. For these pests, Goert- zen said, homeowners need to apply a a chemical inside the tree. “These specific insects bore theirway into ash trees and kill the trees,” he said. “We drill holes and inject an insecticide into the truck to keep these bugs away.” Easy Lawn serves cus- tomers inMerrick, Howard, York and Polk counties. By Megan Linhoff Angie’s List Carpeting offers a number of ben- efits. Not only is it cozy, quiet and easy to install, but it’s alsomore affordable than many other flooring options. And high-quality carpeting can last a decade ormorewith proper care andmaintenance. Of course, even the best carpets will eventually need to be replaced. Here are four signs that it’s time to retire the existing carpet in your home: ■ Wear and tear — Irreparable matting, tearing and ripping are tell- tale signs it’s time to replace your car- pet. Polyester carpet fibers are known to matte and lose their form — and once this happens not even profes- sional cleaning can revive them. Ny- lon carpeting is more resilient than polyester. When there is life left in nylon car- pet, it will typically respond well to cleaning. It’s also possible to repair some small rips and tears. Significant damage is difficult to address, how- ever—particularly on stairs andma- jor walkways. ■ Stains —Most carpeting comes with a stain-resistant finish. But over time, this treatment fades and leaves the carpet and pad unprotected. At this point, your carpet becomes more susceptible to deep and stub- born stains — particularly those caused by bleach, wine, mustard and biological substances such as pet urine. Professional carpet cleaners offer heavy-duty extraction services to ad- dress these stains, though biological substances canabsorb into carpet pad- ding and cause mold and mildew buildup.Whenthishappens—orwhen professional carpet cleaning fails to remove stubborn stains fromyour car- pet — it’s probably time to consider replacing it. ■ Lingering odors —Odors result- ing from pets and other causes such as tobacco smoke shouldbe eliminated or noticeably diminished after a pro- fessional cleaning. Solar energy gaining favor among homeowners How do you know when it’s time to replace your carpet? CC BY-SA 3.0/Gray Watson Solar panels are shown on a house in Massachusetts. Solar is increasingly earning its place in energy production, both in businesses and in homes. ■ turn to CARPET , page 7C